America Never Forgets



'Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands , Protect them as they protect us, Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need'. Amen






The video link below is visual explanation as to why Operation Keep in Touch was formed. The author, Lizzie Palmer, at age 15 created this amazing expression of what an American soldier's life is. Thank you Lizzie for allowing me to use this incredible video

Operation Keep in Touch works with sebior citizens, veterans and school children to create and send gift bags and care packages to our Armed Forces serving in our military protecting this great country. Whether depolyed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or serving here at home. We work with our local Seniors Centers and Nursing Homes to create hand crafted greeting cards for our military personnel to send home to their families. 

Our seniors participate in letter writing campaigns. Gift bag design and personal visits to military bases and hospitals. We try to personally thank, shake hands and hug as many service men and women as physically posssible.  As well as mailing out hundreds of stuffed animals and personal greeting cards as possible. All cards and letters are sent out individually in boxes for entire groups of service members.

Whether or not you support their mission, we all support the men and women in our armed forces. Show your support by writing them a letter. This allows all Americans to stay involved with the importance of our military on foreign soil.  Supporting our troops any way you can, either through our organization or another, gives strength to the United States.

Donations are needed from those who willingly want to support our troops and be a part of their mission.  By having Americans donate product or monetary contributions keeps Americans aware that we have military men and women in harm’s way on our behalf. 

Our military sacrifices run high. We as Americans need to stay engaged in all that they do, in any way we can.

Operation Keep in Touch thanks all our donors large or small, we send notes in the boxes we send stating that “this package comes to you from donations by Americans for Americans”. We thank all of you for your part in giving us the honor to be able to send the packages in your behalf.

Thank you for being so patriotic with love of Country.  Together we stand united and we will prevail.  



Write Letters to Our Troops

Expressing Thanks and Gratitude

Create Personalized and Blank Greeting


Cards for Our Troops to Send Home

Money for Shipping or Cards & Letters

Send OKIT Your Left Over 

Halloween and Easter Candy

Join Our Adopt a Depolyed Mom Program

or Nominate a Deployed Mom
See News and Events for more details

 Donate $15.00 (Shipping Included) and Receive an 

"America Never Forgets" T-shirt. 
One Shirt Equals Shipping for
One  Package



 Send Us Expired Coupons for Our Adopted Overseas Bases. Coupons can be used for 6 months after expiration date

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